The Seasonal Cabin Cookbook

The Seasonal Cabin Cookbook

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Celebrate the change of seasons while enjoying foods that are perfect for the cabin setting with The Seasonal Cabin Cookbook by Teresa Marrone!

Added features:

    • Organized by season with a special topic for each
  • All recipes tested by the author
  • Designed to be prepared with a minimum of fuss in a kitchen that may lack some conveniences
  • Recipes use ingredients that are easy to find, even at a small-town grocery
  • Includes a host of recipes for breakfast, light meals, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and more
  • Learn how to make your own variations on classic dishes such as potato salad, cobblers, wraps, and more
  • Includes recipes kids will enjoy such as play-dough, cinnamon ornaments, ice cream in a coffee can, and more

Kick back, enjoy the sunset, and be in tune with the seasons.


400 Pages

ISBN: 978-1885061799