The Only Kayak

The Only Kayak

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"I live in the sunlight of friends and the shadows of glaciers." So begins The Only Kayak, a coming of middle age memoir by Kim Heacox, who writes in the tradition of Edward Abbey, John McPhee, and Henry David Thoreau with a voice at times tender, irate, funny, and deeply humane. What does it mean to fall in love with a place that cannot stay the same? When do you old on and when do you let go? As Kim discovers in this provocative story, we need to be better students of change rather than instruments of change. Born in Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains and raised in Spokane, Kim moves to Alaska as a young park ranger and discovers a land and sea newly reborn from beneath a retreating glacier. "People are reborn ere, too." he writes. "This place is that powerful." In this tale of friendship, risk, and hope, we find a story of coming home to the deep blue glaciers of Alaska, where Kim's words offer us a change to look into our own selves and ask how we might live with greater deliberation, purpose, and thankfulness for the wild places we still have.



213 Pages

ISBN: 9781493049400