The Legend of the Beaver's Tail

The Legend of the Beaver's Tail

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"Long ago, Beaver did not look like he does now. Yes, he was a chubby fellow. And, yes, he had two very large front teeth, but his tail was not wide and flat. Beaver's tail was thick with silky fur."

Vain Beaver is inordinately proud of his glorious tail. It is long and fluffy with thick, silky fur. He tells his friend Deer, "This tail is the tail to end all tails! I'll bet you wish you had one like this."

And when he's not bragging about his tail, Beaver spends time grooming it, while the other woodland creatures go about their business of finding food and shelter for their families.

Eventually Beaver's boating drives away his friends and he is left on his own.

But when his tail is flattened in an accident (of his own making), Beavers learns to value its new shape and seeks to make amends with his friends.

Based on an Ojibwe legend, this fanciful just-so story illustrates the old adage, "pride goeth before a fall".



32 Pages

ISBN: 9781585368983