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When your life needs to change— What do you keep and what do you leave behind? When your life and your lifestyle have brought you to this place of illness, pain, and suffering, it is foolish to believe that returning to that which made you ill will ever make you well again. This is the time to change everything. Shaylah Vishnu Jeanne’s life had not been a fairytale not by a long shot. She had survived the devastating loss of her first husband, followed by a litany of lies, betrayal and manipulation by another man who was a husband in name only, her own life-threatening injury and illness, and a grand injustice by the legal system. Bitter and broken this feisty woman decided that her life and her happiness were worth fighting for. So began the adventure, one that forced her to face the world again and find a way to heal all that she had come through. On this rugged path, Jeanne walked out of the darkness and into the light, consciously embracing her own personal wisdom. She found a way to return to health, inner peace and along the way discovered a life of happiness. Come along on the journey as she has much to teach us on. The Healing Path Home.


388 Pages

ISBN: 978-1495989117