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Stand: A Memoir on Activism. A Manual for Progress.

What really happens when we stand on the front lines of change.

By Kathryn Bertine

For Bertine, former ESPN columnist and professional cyclist, activism wasn't even on her radar in 2008. She was busy trying to get to the Beijing Olympic Games. When her ESPN assignment ended, advocacy took hold. Why aren't women allowed at the Tour de France? she wondered. In 2009, wonder turned to action. Then action became something bigger than bicycles. The next decade brought global petitions, documentary films, secret meetings, bullying managers, benched careers, personal demons, brain injuries, devastating depression, inner peace and historic victories for equal opportunity. With unabashed honesty, irreverence, vulnerability, history, humor and authenticity, Bertine's memoir-turned-manual on activism takes us behind the scenes of what really happens when we stand up and fight for what we believe. And why we must.

STAND delivers a poignant message to readers from all walks of life: We all have the power to create change. When we do it right, the struggle is worth the journey.

390 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781735901404