On Garnet Rocks

On Garnet Rocks

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Book Three in The Blue Heron Trilogy - Anne Brysen has a tendency to wait and let others take the lead, but, at sixteen, she’s stuck in rural Tennessee for the summer, with only her parents and sisters for company. Far from the familiar comfort of her Adirondack Mountain home, Anne discovers she must either cultivate bravery or spend the summer bored and alone. When she meets Tennessee native Jack Christopher, Anne’s life is turned upside down; she realizes she must come to terms with what she wants and pursue it bravely or lose out. A love story that reaches from hot, sultry Silver Lake, Tennessee to New York’s majestic Adirondack Mountains to the rocky coast of Stony Bluff, Maine, The Blue Heron Trilogy follows Anne’s growth from awkward adolescence to capable independence and celebrates the truth that Anne discovers—that courage sometimes means making the most difficult decisions imaginable and trusting, with absolute faith, in the consequences.


190 Pages

ISBN: 9788705562084