Native Harvest

Native Harvest

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Native Harvest describes the inspirational cuisine of chef Damon Baehrel. It explores the foundation, philosophy, ingredients, and preparations of a unique cuisine that Baehrel has evolved over thirty years at his home and restaurant in Earlton, NY. A self-taught chef highly observant of Nature’s bounty, Damon Baehrel challenges many of the accepted precepts concerning food and its preparation, such as the demand for consistency, the use of butter and cream to provide richness and flavor, and what is edible as well as delightful to the palate. The foundation of this culinary ethos is the use of native plants and vegetables, many traditionally overlooked, that are foraged or cultivated on Baehrel’s 12-acre property. Once harvested, the plants are treated, prepared, and served in novel and remarkable ways. Part cookbook, part memoir, and part lifestyle philosophy, Native Harvest is filled with personal discoveries, creations, and recipes that food, cooking, and gardening enthusiasts will find captivating and inspiring.


260 Pages

ISBN: 978-1933569123