Kids on the Trail!

Kids on the Trail!

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Hiking with Children in the Adirondacks

By Rose Rivezzi and David Trithart

Kids on the Trail 2nd edition! Hiking with children in the Adirondacks features 71 hikes with color maps, color photos, and distance and elevation data. Forty percent of the descriptions are new, and nine have been added since the first edition. Authors Rose Rivezzi and David Trithart drew on their experiences as educators, parents, and veteran hikers to create a trail collection tailored to families' needs and interests. Anecdotal asides, observations, and advice are interspersed with descriptions. Before you lace up the detailed introduction includes what to bring, safety, trail etiquette, and hikes best suited to children of certain ages. The guide is the companion to the ADK Kids Challenge, sponsored by ADK's Laurentian Chapter, for which young completers receive a free patch.

200 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9986371-9-8