Jacks, Jobbers and Kings

Jacks, Jobbers and Kings

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Logging the Adirondacks, 1850-1950

By Peter C. Welsh, former curator of the Adirondack Experience (then known as the Adirondack Museum) and reinterpreter of the museum's long-standing logging exhibit.

This book describes the process of logging the Adirondacks, a discreet area of ​​six million acres, and how practices changed between 1850 and 1950. In one hundred years, logging went from a seasonal, labor-intensive, muscle-and animal-powered job to a year-round, machine-driven activity done by fewer workers armed with chain saws, skidders and motor-driven vehicles. It is also the story of an industry which changed from one characterized by total laissez-faire practices to one of tight and restrictive governmental regulation. 

100 pages

ISBN: 978-0-925168-47-4