Escape From Dannemora

Escape From Dannemora

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Escape From Dannemora: 170 Years of Escapes, Tortures, and Infamous Inmates at New York's Most Notorious Prison

By Lawrence P. Gooley

Clinton Prison has hosted the best and worst criminals on the country, from gentleman scam artists and bank robbers to vicious serial killers who murdered on a whim and dismembered their victims. Included within these pages are those stories and much more- ingenious breakout artists and how they escaped, details on severe punishments and tortures imposed at Clinton for half a century, and profiles of dozens of the most famous, infamous, and unusual prisoners ever confined within Dannemora's walls. 

In all its forms, the prison has seen dozens of remarkable escapes, some of them more amazing than the 2015 breakout. For nearly its full 170 years, inmates have considered Clinton the toughest facility in the state, a reputation based on a violent history. 

301 pages, paperback 
ISBN: 9781939216427