Climate Change in the Adirondacks

Climate Change in the Adirondacks

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Although global in scale, the impact of climate change will be felt at the local level. Refocusing our attention away from the ice shelves disintegrating in the Antarctic, the flooding of Pacific islands, and carbon inventories measured in billions of tons, Jerry Jenkins turns to changes that are already occurring much closer to home, changes that threaten to transform one of America's great wildernesses, the Adirondack region, into a damaged and unfamiliar landscape.

With the aid of comprehensive color illustrations, graphs, charts, and maps, Jenkins demonstrates the fundamental reality of climate change on a local level and presents his analysis and discussion of the available data for the Adirondacks. The region's culture, biology, and economy are already shifting rapidly: boreal species such as the spruce grouse are in decline, pests such as the mountain pine beetle and black-legged tick are moving in, and ski areas are suffering from lack of snow. Jenkins goes on to deliver a critical message: changes in personal energy consumption can fundamentally alter the present trajectory of global warming. Climate Change in the Adirondacks provides a road map for how individuals and communities whether inside the Blue Line or beyond can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and lead the way toward a more responsible future.


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