Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks

Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks

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Bob Marshall embodied the spirit of wilderness. He fought for the preservation of millions of acres of American forestland; he explored and wrote about the Alaskan frontier, and he organized the Wilderness Society. His passion for wilderness was nurtured in the Adirondack Mountains, where he spent his boy-hood summers. He and his brother, George, and their guide, Herb Clark, were the first to climb all the Adirondack peaks over four thousand feet. This book gathers nearly forty of Marshall's writings about the Adirondacks. They include numerous accounts of his pioneering hikes in the High Peaks and of his explorations in the vast wild region south of Cranberry Lake, spirited defenses of the forever-wild Forest Preserve, a charming sketch of Herb Clark, a tribute to the nineteenth-century surveyor Mills Blake, and excerpts from an unpublished novel set partly in the Adirondacks. These articles are an important part of Adirondack history. They not only illuminate Marshall's life and thought, but they also reveal his deeply personal connection to the Adirondacks. Readers who know Marshal solely by his national reputation will discover what inspired him to become one of the country's strongest voices for wilderness preservation. Adirondack aficionados will delight in reading about Marshall's experience of places they know and love.

308 pages.

ISBN: 9780978925406

Hardcover. 2006.