Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake     (NEW! Free with a purchase of $100 or more!)

Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake (NEW! Free with a purchase of $100 or more!)

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Since opening its doors in 1957, the Adirondack Experience has delighted millions with fascinating exhibitions about life in the Adirondack region. 

At times, the six-million acre Adirondack Park can be a challenging subject to document and explore. Unlike the great national parks, this park is a highly unusual mix of both public and private land. As a result, the desire to preserve and protect the landscape in pristine condition has often been at loggerheads with local residents' very real need to make a living in their own backyards, Located at the geographic center of the park, the Adirondack Experience is uniquely qualified to explore this fascinating dynamic and the stories of the people who have lived, worked, and played in the Adirondacks. The museum's unique collections document of the full range of people's experiences from prehistory to the present day. The museum's paintings photographs, boats, industrial equipment, manuscripts, books, motion picture films, and other materials provide the building blocks for books engaging exhibitions that document the relationship has shaped a distinct regional identity that encompasses daily life, culture, and work. 

The Adirondack Experience's exhibitions are displayed in twenty-three historic and contemporary buildings on 121 acres overlooking one of the Adirondack's natural wonders, Blue Mountain Lake. The exhibitions touch on varied topics from boating on Adirondack waters to logging to the artistry of Adirondack rustic furniture. The largest exhibition, Life in the Adirondacks, makes use of the latest in interactive techniques to immerse visitors in the reasons why we value nature and the deep attachments we form with it while honoring the people who have built the community and who are shaping the future of this place that we all love.