A Million Miles from Home

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By Jeanne Selander Miller

Choice by choice. When you ignore your heart's misgivings You may find yourself somewhere you never intended to be. Jeanne had lost the love of her life when her husband died. Lonely years passed for this single mother with two kids. The bleak world of mid-life dating brought her few prospects. Then paul arrived. He was a successful businessman, promising the young widow a good life and a second chance at happily ever after. So it was that Jeanne took a chance and stepped into his world looking for love and companionship while believing in marriage and family. But what she got was something else entirely- a marriage filled with betrayal, infidelity, injury and illness. After years of trying to save a marriage that was destined for failure right from the wedding night, Jeanne had a decision to make: save the marriage or save herself. Jeanne was forced to re-examine the traditional rules and values that governed her choices- choices that set her up for the misery she was living. She struggled with the choice to continue to honor longstanding traditions or to listen to the voice from within that was crying out for a new way to be. A Million Miles from Home is the story of a very personal journey through darkness and back. You will laugh, cry, rage at the injustices and cheer at the outcome. Listen to the longings of your heart and your heart will lead you home. If I can reclaim my life, know that you can too.

Pages: 364
ISBN: 9781480127289