A Breath Away

A Breath Away

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A journey on the edge of now and eternity where every moment counts, what one couple discovers will make your own life shine. Jeanne Selander and Fred Miller had been married less than five years and were deeply entrenched in family life with their infant daughter and precocious four-year-old son when Fred was diagnosed with a terminal illness. His doctors gave him just three months to live. Instead of giving into fear, they chose to live each day in an unrestrained pursuit of life and love. What they discovered during the eight years that Fred survived gives us luminous insights into love and life and the spirit as they learned to live in the present and not to give away the precious moments of this life. This is an uplifting story of a courageous journey where love truly knows no bounds. Along with this couple we experience great joys and great sadness, the healing power of laughter and the amazing strengths of the human spirit. The lessons of love and loss are universal and speak to all of us. How do you live fearlessly, joyfully and fully in the face of death? What awaits us beyond this life? How do you love someone so deeply, and yet learn to let them go?


250 Pages

ISBN: 9781469980843