2-in-1 Rechargeable Lantern & Fan (3 Colors)

  • $21.95

This handy lantern/fan comes with a USB cable and port so you can charge it anywhere you have a USB connection, and it will be fully charged at 100 minutes. Your jar of lightning bugs can officially take the summer off! 

- 4.25"H x 2.5"W


Anything glows!

Light up the night with the handy, pull-up lantern. Take it to the trails with convenient handles or hang it up to give 360-degree, reliable light to an open area.

  • 6 bright LEDs, 100 lumens
  • 1.5 hour runtime


Chill out!

Bring on the breeze with the convenient, flip-top fan. Carry it for on-the-go adventures or hang it up and find that perfect angle for hands-free chilling.

  • easy on/off button, pull open to turn on and push down to turn off
  • folds up to 90 degrees
  • 3.5 hour runtime
  • medium to high airflow