Castle Games

Castle Games

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Quirky Lucky Wilta is determined to regain the dilapidated Adirondack castle she believes is rightfully hers. With her wisecracking sense of fun, she makes her way in and makes herself at home, caring for Charles Smithson's two preschoolers and acting as cook and housekeeper in the falling down wreck he calls home.

Lucky is on a mission: she's convinced there are diamonds hidden inside those crumbling granite walls. While she schemes and searches, Lucky learns some surprising things about the castle's history and, unexpectedly, a few unsettling truths about herself.

To find her treasure, Lucky is willing to lie, steal, and make Charles' life a living hell. But what Lucky doesn't count on is that Charles, her nemesis, has a few secrets of his own.


342 Pages

ISBN: 9781533615053