Adirondack Kaleidoscope and North Country Characters

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Honoring the Mountains and Their History

Compiled, edited and with written commentary by William J. O'Hern

A truly incredible anthology of Adirondackana and every bit as intriguing as the optical toy that has been popular for almost 200 years. Like the ever-changing patterns one can see through the cylinder, the stories in this collection preserves voices from history that would otherwise surely be lost to time and vary widely and keep the reader eager to see what the next story will be about. History, folklore, childhood memories, stories about famous people who spent time in the Adirondacks, how the park became forever wild, and fascinating human-interest stories about everyday life from the pioneer days up through the 1970s are all here.

368 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9890328-0-3